Monday, March 12, 2012

Knotwork for I Might Make That! Monday

Celtic heart by J.D. Lenzen
This one is going to be quick, because as I type this, Sunday is about to turn into Monday and I'm really missing that hour that Daylight Saving Time took from me this morning.

Anyway, I love knotwork. I have a book of Chinese knotting techniques that I got at a funky used book store in Berkeley a few years back, but the only one I've tried from it is the double coin knot.  I'm really interested in marrying some Chinese knots with Japanese kumihimo braids  in an Asian fusion experiment at some point.

Eternity knot by J.D. Lenzen
I recently stumbled across this interesting website, Fusion Knots by J.D. Lenzen, which has dozens and dozens of free video tutorials. (Note, however, the "tip jar" on his home page. He asks for appreciative students to make a voluntary contribution via PayPal to help support the site.)

I never did macrame back when it was all the rage in the '70s, but I'm starting to appreciate it now. Forwardknot is a good site for some basic macrame knot tutorials.

Reverse half-hitch
from ForwardKnot
This next site doesn't have tutes, but to see what a talented artist can do with beads and macrame, check out the Etsy store Knot Just Macrame by Sherri Stokey. I first learned about her from a post in The Beading Gem Journal back in January. Thanks, Pearl!

Dragon bracelet by Sherri Stokey
Lastly, I have a board on Pinterest devoted to knotwork, if you're interested in following me there--a mix of tutes and inspiration.

(Dang, it's already Monday. Guess now I don't have to schedule this to delay-post.)


  1. Dang, almost every Monday I chime in, I have that. Do you think we might have been separated at birth? :)

    I don't actually have any of these things tagged, but I do have a book on Celtic Knot Work.

    For your pleasure take a look at this page on Chinese Knotting:

    And, my favorite bead + knot work artist:

  2. I did do macrame the first time it came around and it was the first craft I really hated! I don't know why. Perhaps it was the rope burns! I might like it better in the nice jewelry cords. I loved looking at all your knots on Pinterest -- and would love to figure out how to do those balls. Cool looking things! Thanks for this. Interesting post!


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