Monday, April 11, 2011

Pretty in Purply Pink

My little fingers cannot weave beads fast enough to post a new finished work every week, so I'm going to have post some filler here, to feed the relentless maw that is the blog.

I never did show off my bounty from the Virginia craftsmen's show, so I'll do that here.

Everything except the old-man pin is from Lori Anderson of Pretty Things. I bought the lovely purple and pink lampwork-beaded necklace (which I have worn twice already) and the larimar earrings at the fair itself. The peachy-pink nautilus earrings I ordered from her a week later, after I realized I was still pining for them (she ships fast, too!). The pin is carved wood and I bought it from a craftsman named Tom Vosler. Although I will wear it as a pin, I was thinking mainly of using it as a funky backdrop for jewelry photographs. (I swear it looks like my first college creative writing professor, although I didn't think of that until I took the photos yesterday.)

And here is a WIP. It is destined to be a necklace that is destined to be my donation to the Blair High School silent auction at the end of April. I love how it is turning out, but man oh man, working with these teeny size 11 beads means it is taking forever. On my other peyote spiral necklaces, I could weave about an inch an hour. But I've put more than five hours into this baby, and it is barely four inches long. (I added about an inch more after taking this photo yesterday afternoon.)


  1. Those Cellini spirals taked forever! I love the colors you chose, beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Mandy. I wish I'd taken up beadweaving before I started wearing bifocals. Threading those skinny, skinny beading needles--even with magnifier glasses--oy.

  3. Love that old man pin!! wow what a find! it took all my attention off your pretty necklace though. I had to look twice!!LOL


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