Thursday, May 23, 2013

The graduate

Last Friday, graduation. Tomorrow, we're off to Lafayette, La., for my niece's wedding. Then we'll drive our daughter back to school in Austin.

I'll be back home less than 24 hours before getting on a plane again to attend a conference in Boston. I'll return Friday evening but will need to work over the weekend for an event involved with my job.

Boy, I sure thought things would be less hectic once I finished my coursework. Maybe mid-June. Anyway, I can't promise any posts while on the road.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lady Grey's grammar humor for Need a Laugh! Wednesday

Longtime readers know that I have dedicated several of these weekly features to grammar humor. (The stickler in me hastens to add that they're more correctly classified as grammar/spelling/punctuation humor).

A few weeks ago I discovered the Facebook page Lady Grey's Compleat Annotated Memes ("Correcting the Internet, One Meme at a Time")

Here are a few favorites:

Check out her Facebook page for lots more!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Two quickie projects for I Might Make That! Monday

Spikes in Bloom by Kerry Slade
OK, this is going to be a quickie post, since it's already after 11 p.m. and I have to go to bed. But I did not want to miss another IMMT!M.

Here are two fast (I think!) projects that popped up in my Facebook feed recently.

The pic on the left is a beaded component by the wonderful and talented Kerri Slade. The free tute is available from Bead & Button's online website, but you have to be a registered user (also free) to access it. The link is here.

Dreams Do Come True Bracelet at Fusion Beads
If you visit Kerry's Facebook page, you'll see lots of variations of this component made into pendants, earrings, etc. by various beading fans of hers.

The next tute is for this classy pearl and rhinestone bangle. I saw it on Fusion Beads' Facebook page.
It's made with rhinestone cup chain, which I'm dying to try out, combined with wire-wrapped pearls atop a plain bangle.

It is listed as a beginner project, and it certainly does look easy.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Another go at Dutch spiral for I Might Make That! Monday

Dutch spiral tute by Olio on phpBB 
Yikes, this will barely make it under the wire to actually be posted on Monday, but my Sunday was filled with Mother's Day activities. (And I'm still not quite back in the groove yet in planning blog content in advance. The deadlines kind of sneak up on me.)

Without further ado, I present this link with several lovely Dutch spiral variations. I featured Dutch spiral once before, but I remember being very frustrated that I couldn't find any tutes that had attractive pictures and clear instructions.

I am not familiar with this site, but it appears to be some kind of online jewelry forum. There are probably all kinds of goodies there, and I hope to explore it more later.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Late-breaking addendum to Need a Laugh Wednesday!

Ooh, ooh. I haven't done this before, but seeing a friend's post on FB this morning reminded me that I left out a hilarious video that fits perfectly into my Mother's Day humor theme. I saw this a few months ago and just could not stop laughing!

Mother's Day humor for Need a Laugh Wednesday

Prepping for this Sunday...presented without comment...

Source: via Peggy on Pinterest

Monday, May 6, 2013

Finally done! Back to I Might Make That! Monday programming

Beaded dragons
The thesis has been submitted. The in-class presentation has been made. Yesterday, I even gave an hourlong presentation to the executive committee of the Alexandria Film Festival, the organization that was the subject of my thesis.

Signed, sealed, delivered--I'm DONE.

Tomorrow evening (I'm writing this on Sunday), I will be attending my last-ever class. I don't have to do anything except show up and nod attentively at the final group of students making oral presentations. Then there will be cake and champagne.

Commencement is May 17, and I will be marching in my cap and gown and peacock blue master's hood. It has been a long journey and a lot of hard work, but every bit of it has been worth it.

Later this week I will be blogging more about Pay It Forward, and I will be resuming my Need a Laugh Wednesday feature as well. But today my priority is to resume my I Might Make That! Monday feature. I'm grateful to all of you following this blog for not deserting me in these past few months of erratic posting.

Without further ado, here is a link for a free tute to make the cool beaded dragons pictured above. The artist goes by the name Chimera Dragonfang. (Be sure to read the notes and comments at the bottom of the file with lots of useful addenda.)

I actually saw this dragon tute a long time ago, probably before I launched IMMT!M, but didn't save it anywhere. It resurfaced recently on a Facebook page I follow, Confessions of Crafty Witches--a wickedly clever (and sometimes naughty) page of crafts and recipes. (Thanks, Mandy--I believe it was you who turned me on to them.) The picture is actually from the Crafty Witches' photo album, and if you click on the link that is in the caption, it will take you to a FB post that includes a few other dragon tutorials.

So do as the dragon bead creator says and spread the dragony love, people!

Now excuse me, I have about two MONTHS' worth of beady blog reading to catch up on!