Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Next stop, Fenton Street

I learned recently that I've been accepted as a vendor at the Fenton Street Market in downtown Silver Spring. (The market is not, um, located at Fenton Street. Long story there. Check out the site for the explanation.) I'll be selling my jewelry (and, hopefully, demonstrating kumihimo) at the special June 18 market that's being held in conjunction with the Silver Spring Blues Festival.

I'm very excited--this is my first "real" crafts fair. The two others I've done were closed events with people who knew me. But never fear, my awesome friend Patti is going to be selling her gorgeous fused glass jewelry next to me (if our request to be placed together can be honored), and she's a pro!

(Pssst, Patti, get that online storefront up so I can hyperlink your name!)

Time to start cranking out the merch! Oh, and I need to get a tent. And a banner. And real business cards. Oh, and class starts next week. Yikes.

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