Friday, June 17, 2011

Show time!

Q: Geneva, why haven't you been posting lately?
A: Because I've busy cranking out jewelry for the...

Thanks, Patti, for the customization of the sign!

Come on down to downtown Silver Spring this Saturday to sample not only the Fenton Street Market's wares but the Silver Spring Blues Festival, which has expanded to two stages this year. Part of the vendors' proceeds go to support the festival. The market will go until 5 p.m., to overlap with the blues festival.


  1. Ah shoot Geneva! I thought I signed up to follow your blog before, but when I got here I didn't see myself! That sounds a little weird doesn't it?? LOL. I so wish I would have known about the festival, I would have definitely been up there to see your wares and have some fun! Anything coming up in the future?? I haven't really made anything to sell yet, still trying to learn. LOL


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