Monday, April 30, 2012

Dutch spiral and a mystery solved for I Might Make That! Monday

Well I'm still cranking out that class assignment, but I didn't want to miss another I Might Make That! Monday, so here, quickly, are a few patterns I've spotted 'round the Web lately that have struck my fancy.

My original plan was to find a tute on Dutch spiral to share, because it's a stitch I think that has a cool effect and I've been meaning to try it. However, I only had a few minutes to surf the Web, and didn't come up with anything I immediately liked that also came with instructions. So I'll share some links to tutes, and I'll share some images I pulled off the Web, but they don't go together.

A basic Dutch spiral tutorial can be found on About. com and a variation of it at the Beading Banshee (I don't mean to be critical of this second design, it's just that the photograph isn't well lit, so it's hard to see the pattern in these dark beads.)

Dutch spiral necklace from the Bead Society of Cape Cod
And here's a lovely example of Dutch spiral that I found on the blog for the Bead Society of Cap Cod. The group apparently featured this stitch in its March meeting.

The necklace below uses Dutch spiral as a gigantic beaded focal, strung on cord. I found it at Shibori Girl, and it's featured there in several colorways. She got the original as a kit (unfortunately, she doesn't list the source), and then made several others from her own beads.
Dutch spiral necklace from Shibori Girl

And since I promised a double edition of IMMT!M last week, I'll throw in this pattern, featured recently on Beads Magic. It's called Bilberry; I didn't see a designer listed. It's simple but elegant.

Bilberry from Beads Magic

But wait, there's more! A few weeks back I featured this mystery pattern, below, and asked if anyone could identify it. Well, it took a few weeks, but the lovely Pam has unearthed the source. Since she added her comment a few weeks after the I published the post, I thought readers might not have seen it.

Her eagle eyes discerned that this was made with beading wire, not wire wire. That sent her to the Softflex website, where she found the instructions here. Thanks, Pam!

(Although I doubt that I will be making this with the 24K beading wire that is recommended--it sells for $36 for 30 feet. )

Softflex necklace

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