Monday, May 14, 2012

Girly beaded spiders and more for I Might Make That! Monday

Beaded spider from Shawkl
Arachnaphobes, stay away!

Last October, I spotted a pattern for a beaded spider--I think it was on CraftGossip. I didn't save the link, but in Web-surfing this weekend I stumbled across the creator of those beaded spiders and the tutorial that accompanies them.

Beaded spider from Shawkl
These beauties are from Kathy Shaw of Shawkl. What I like about them in that they're girly, not Goth. Not the least bit  Halloween-y. Just a nice alternative to the dragonflies and butterflies you see everywhere. Kathy Shaw's tute is here and is linked to caption of the rose-colored spider, below, as well.
Beaded spider from Shawkl

These appear to be freestanding spiders, to be used as ornaments or whatnot, but you could easily wire a pinback to them. She has other tutes on her site, too (mostly sewing/quilting/embroidery), which is how I landed on her page to begin with.

Cabbage rose from Shawkl
Check out this darling cabbage rose, for example. I won't tell you what it's made from. Click here to see. I think a cute mixed-media necklace could be made by sewing a dozen, each cupped by a bead cap at the base, onto ribbon or kumi braid, along with lots of pearl and crystal dangles.

Here are some other beady spiders for inspiration:

This green fellow here is from So Crafty; there are instructions for a couple of different variations, plus a video. I like the unbeaded legs effect:

So Crafty spider

And from Etsy (it's sold; I wonder if the buyer wore it as a bride?):

Bridal Spider from Souldier

This one here is getting pretty meta: a beaded spider in which one of the beads is a beaded bead. Whoa.
Meadow Treasures via

Here's a netted ornament that is inspired by "the legend of the Christmas Spider." Hmmm. Not familiar with that legend. But it does explain why so many of the spiders I'm finding are ornaments, not jewelry. Excuse me while I Google.

OK, I'm back. For those as ignorant as me, a version of the Christmas Spider legend can be found here.

And here's a steampunk bad girl spotted on Pinterest. L-O-V-E this one.

OMG, the Pinterest search for "beaded spiders" turned up some amazing beaded spider webs. I'll post a couple, but then I really have to stop. Really.

Source: via Liz on Pinterest

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  1. Hello:-)
    The spiders and their nets are so FANTASTIC:-))
    You have made me the real fun and pleasure to be able to see them.
    I do not know,if I ever make the similar things,but it's really nice to see such photos.
    As concerning the 'Cabbage Rose'-seems to be difficult to make.The beads must be very small-maybe the Miyuki rocailles-they are really tiny,equal and rounded,whether that rose wasn't so big,because it would loose the nice effect this way.This rose pattern I'd possibly try to make someday.
    Warm Greetings-Halinka-

  2. Wow, great finds, maybe I don't hate spiders after all!

  3. I had no idea spiders were so popular! I thought they were universally reviled! These are all so great and the webs are amazing. Thanks for the education!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out...and love your blog. By way of some comments...the cabbage rose can be as large as the width of the "secret materiel used" to create it is. So, a center bead could easily be inserted into the middle wrap after the creation...or stitched there before wraps begin. Glad you like the spiders...and love my pink one hanging from a simple wire choker...looks marvelous!

  5. Yay!! Thank You so much for featuring my steampunk beaded spider :) I really appreciate that! I'm a new bead/wire artist so I am grateful that you noticed my work :) Love your blog too! Warmest wishes, Kimi (Son Blest Beads)


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