Saturday, December 8, 2012

The special Saturday edition of Need a Laugh Wednesday

I won't bore you all with uninteresting excuses of why I missed posting on Wednesday. Let's just say shit happens and move on, shall we?

I realized that last week's NALW installment on How to Wrap a Cat was premature. I neglected to share some of the preceding steps.

First, before you wrap your cats. You have to collect them. Here's one easy way.

Then, after you have your cats, you need sort and organize them. Here are several ingenious solutions.

(More ideas at Buzzfeed's 15 Ways to Organize Your Cats)

Before wrapping your cat, think about the recipient's taste. Does he/she like the Romantics or steers more toward Cezanne? Assign each cat to the appropriate giftee accordingly.

(More inspiration at Funny Cats Imitate Famous Paintings.)

Now you may proceed to wrapping your cat, following last week's video. On the attached gift card, please be sure to choose the correct cat font.

(More at Buzzfeed's 20 Cats as Fonts. And if you haven't seen the canine version, check out my blogpost from October on typography humor.)

[I promise next week's NALW will not involve cats. I don't want to develop more of a crazy cat lady reputation than I already have.]

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