Monday, December 12, 2011

Installment #2 of I Might Make That! Monday

O Christmas Tree earrings
designed by Jennifer Ursillo

I'm devoting my second covetous project to a seasonal tute: O Christmas Tree earrings, a free project at Bead & Button online. (And subscribe posthaste to their free daily e-newsletter, if you're not already getting it. There are tons of free projects online--and you have access to even more if you're a subscriber.)

I like the fact that this project uses magatamas, which you don't see very often. I got some at Fire Mountain Gems a while back that I've been saving. I could see using them for something like this, but I'm thinking beyond Christmas. Look at this pattern--couldn't you imagine losing the cube bead and the star and just having the tapering conical shape? My magatamas are in a shade called rose green, and I think they would evoke baby artichokes.

Or what about flipping them upside down so the drop tapers to a point? Kinda like grape clusters.

If you missed last Monday's debut of I Might Make That Monday, hop here.


  1. Cool! Never heard of magatamas before . . .

  2. Hi Patti! I know seed beads are not your medium of choice, but magatamas are made by Miyuki. Lots of people make "spiky" bracelets with them. Here's a kumihimo necklace that uses them:

    (you might have to scroll down)

  3. I like that pattern -- you can't have too many patterns for "odd" seed bead shapes like long magatamas -- and can't help but seeing pine cones (think upside-down and brown beads instead of green).


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