Monday, January 9, 2012

Andromeda necklace for I Might Make That! Monday

Here's a cute necklace pattern that was featured recently on Beads Magic. There it's called Andromeda and is designed by Orna Voloh.

There aren't step-by-step instructions, just a schematic, but it doesn't look that hard to follow. (I don't know what you would call the stitch used--some sort of modified RAW? Can anyone identify it?)

However, when I clicked through to Orna's blog to learn more (the blog is in Russian; Orna lives in Israel--use Chrome as your browser for instant translation, folks!), I found not only some stunningly beautiful beadwork but another pic and schematic of what appears to be the same necklace, which she calles Genevieve there.

I didn't hold up the schematics side by side, but just eyeballing it, they appear to be the same pattern.

(Thanks, Mandy of Beads for Brains for turning me on to the Beads Magic weekly newsletter.)

And for readers new to my I Might Make That! Monday feature, an archive of past IMMT!M installments is here. There's also a button on the top of the banner to the right.


  1. It's a cute pattern, but I hadn't seen the cream version, thanks for the link.. Have a nice day!

  2. 'Andromeda' is beautiful:-)
    Make it,make it!It seems not very difficult to make and the effect is fabulous!
    Warm Greetings-Halinka-

  3. Love this pattern! Love this blog! Keep them coming . . .

  4. This blog post gets a 2 thumbs way up from me.

  5. I saved this pattern. I might just make it some day too. I think I also added the artist's blog to my RSS feed.


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