Monday, January 16, 2012

Corrugated peyote bracelet for I Might Make That! Monday

Industrial Chic Embellished Corrugation Bangles
by Mikki Ferrugiaro

This weekend has gotten away from me (and no, I can't blame it on Pinterest, like last week), so I am late posting this. My previous IMMT!M entries were all written on a Saturday or Sunday and scheduled to post 8 a.m. Monday. (But as long as I get it out while six hours of Monday left, it counts, right?)

This week's tute was created by Mikki Ferrugiaro, the talented artist behind The Beaded Carpet. Unlike the other patterns I've featured, this pattern isn't free. She sells it in her ArtFire shop for $15 for an all-rights version. I recently purchased this from her, along with her amazing spiral star brooch (plus a bonus pattern--she has a buy two, get one free offer going on). This bangle is the next project on my list. She emailed me the patterns within a few hours of my order, and the instructions and illustrations are clear and concise.

I just love, love, love this corrugated effect, which she features in lots of her patterns. The above bangle is done two ways--one using the new Czech Preciosa Ornela Twin seed beads and one with regular beads. Instructions for both are included.

If you're not familiar with the Twins, they are two-hole seed beads that are Preciosa Ornela's answer to Miyuki's Tilas. I thought the two-hole Tilas were pretty cool when they first came on the market a year or so ago, but I have not been at all impressed with the patterns I've seen using them. They just look so block-y. But the Twins are oval and more organic in shape. Much more my style.

And do you know about Preciosa Ornela's free Twin giveaway? No? Well, then, click on this and follow the instructions to get a TFF code, then fill out the form. They will send you a little packet. (Mine haven't arrived yet, but the folks at Operation Tackle That Bead Stash all seemed to be crowing that they got theirs pretty fast.)

I don't know when Twins will hit local bead stores, but I did get an email promo that Shipwreck Beads just got them in stock.

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