Monday, February 20, 2012

Beadwoven pearl necklace via Pinterest for I Might Make That! Monday

Source: via Nancy on Pinteres
I've mentioned Pinterest a few times in the past few months. (Really, I'm trying to limit the plugs. My addiction is best kept to myself.)

I found today's tute by following master Pinterest pinner Nancy Gound. I don't know anything about her except that she started following me so I started following her, and she finds the most exquisite beadwork. She has literally thousands of pins devoted to beading and jewelry. Check out her boards on zipper jewelry and tiny purses, why dontcha. Jaw-dropping stuff.

If you click through her pin of the above necklace, you'll wind up here, where there is a simple diagram for making this pattern. Unfortunately, the designer is not credited.

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  1. Here are a couple of sources for the tutorial:
    I think this is the original, it is who the 1st link links to, and the site that I have my copy of this tutorial listed under.

    One of the many lessons I have learned is to copy the link when I copy a pattern so I can return to the original. I missed it on this tutorial. However, I did put it in the file Bisera.

  2. KJ, thanks for the comment. I am always happy to credit the original designer. I like the step-by-step photos in the Franza link you provided.

  3. Hi, the designer is Olga Kotelnikova!
    Its very easy to find out when you speak Russian:)) gourgeous design, I agree:) Thanks for stopping by in my blog!

  4. You're welcome. I think we must visit the same blogs or at least my saved tutorials often match your I Might Make That Monday posts.

  5. Thank you, Sasha, for identifying the author of this pattern.

  6. Every lines were emphasized. It's my day today seeing your blog.

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