Sunday, February 5, 2012

Crystal blackberry charm for I Might Make That! Monday

Crystal Blackberry, designed by Mollie Fabric
I notice in trolling through patterns saved on my computer that I have an abundance of earring patterns. I'm always looking for something beyond the quickie "string three beads on a headpin" model. These earrings are one of the hundreds of free projects available on Jewelry Making Daily.

Actually, this pattern is for a charm or dangle. I just thought of them as earrings, perhaps made with smaller beads. Make two and attach to ear wires or make one  to dangle on a chain as a focal.

Called "Crystal Blackberry," the charm is designed by Mollie Fabric for The link to download the pattern is here.

I believe I've flogged Jewelry Making Daily before as a great source of free (and also not-free) projects. You might have to sign up to get access to patterns, but it's free to do so.

Here's another great find I'll pass along for inspiration: Etsy's 100 top jewelry sellers, courtesy of Handmadeology. It's fun to click through and see the many sides of success!

(As always, the archive of past I Might Make That! Monday entries can be found by clicking the link in the top right-hand corner of the blog.)


  1. Oh cool! I'm not much of an earring maker, so new patterns are great for me. I did look at the top 100 sellers, and was thrilled that I actually knew someone on it!
    Thanks for the link. Have an awesome day!

  2. Hi:-)
    Nice and I think-easy to make.The effect would be even better,if to make the upper part beadweaved from seed beads.
    I made the blackberry pendant once.This fruit has always been a good inspiration,because of decorative looks.

  3. Thanks for the list--hours of time to waste there! And love the charm, but don't you mean "flagged"?

  4. (Hey Anonymous, are you by any chance Patti?) "Flogged" was the word I meant, but I meant it in the old-timey PR sense of promoting something shamelessly. But maybe I'm dating myself with this usage. (I still refer to "spiking" copy instead of deleting it.)

  5. Awesome! thanks for the links! Wish I was in that top 100 :)

  6. Are u sure u don't mean "flacked" or "flagged"? Flogged means whipped . . .

  7. Patti, I really, truly meant "flogged." As in:
    Hard-boiled newspaperman No. 1: "There's a flack on line two for ya."
    Hard-boiled newspaperman No. 2: "Yeah? What's he floggin' today?"
    Clearly this usage is new to you, but it's rife in newsrooms, and "flog" as slang for "to sell" is the No. 2 definition in Webster's New World, which you know is my Bible. (Sheesh. Just because you can beat me at Words With Friends....)


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