Monday, June 18, 2012

Beady bow for I Might Make That! Monday

"Corrupt" bow-- free tutorial from Stalker
I spotted this ginormous beaded bow necklace tute on Pinterest a while back. 

The site is Russian--and presumably the designer is, too. I'm using Chrome to translate, and it appears to be credited to an artist who goes by Stalker, as you can see from the image stamp. This site looks to be a roundup of various Russian bead artists' work.

Anyway, the instructions are accompanied by very good closeup pics and schematics. I like how it's not just strung from a single organza ribbon--look closely and you'll see that there's a strand of beaded wire intertwined with the two types of ribbon. I think it looks much more finished and balanced this way.

Wouldn't this bow would also look cute on a purse or as a brooch, perhaps anchoring a scarf?

The artist calls this a "corrupt" bow--not sure if that's just translation weirdness or perhaps she means it's not a true tied bow, just shaped pieces stitched to look like one.

An earlier post from this site shows the bow in seven color palettes and a couple of different sizes.

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  1. I knew it!! It's very nice ;-)

  2. Very cool and unusual, Geneva. I like them all. My fave was the maroon and dark gray one. I have no idea why since I normally prefer saturated colors like your red one! But they are very pretty!


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