Monday, May 13, 2013

Another go at Dutch spiral for I Might Make That! Monday

Dutch spiral tute by Olio on phpBB 
Yikes, this will barely make it under the wire to actually be posted on Monday, but my Sunday was filled with Mother's Day activities. (And I'm still not quite back in the groove yet in planning blog content in advance. The deadlines kind of sneak up on me.)

Without further ado, I present this link with several lovely Dutch spiral variations. I featured Dutch spiral once before, but I remember being very frustrated that I couldn't find any tutes that had attractive pictures and clear instructions.

I am not familiar with this site, but it appears to be some kind of online jewelry forum. There are probably all kinds of goodies there, and I hope to explore it more later.


  1. Will you try it? It looks beautiful, thanks for the instructions :) Whem=n I finish unfinished stuff I might try to learn ;)

  2. I'm really loving spirals right now. I love the one Kristen Stevens did with Super Duos, too! This site has a lot of cool stuff. Thanks!


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