Monday, March 26, 2012

Beaded beads galore for I Might Make That! Monday

The Boulevard by Julie Bean, featured on Beadaholique

I can't believe I haven't done this already, because I love beaded beads, but today I'm featuring a roundup of tutes showing how to make many different kinds. Above is a closeup of a gorgeous beaded bead necklace using two-needle right-angle weave. It was designed by Julie Bean and is on Beadaholique. She has christened it The Boulevard. If you click on the link, you'll see it includes a well-done video showing you how to do two-needle right-angle weave.

Filled net pendant from Beadiferous
Here's a beaded bead from Beadiferous, a site I first learned about from Mandy's Beads for Brains.

Beadiferous has free tutorials for several beaded beads. I've already made a necklace in what looks like a variation of this stitch, so I think I could whip this out pretty quickly.
Cyndi Lavin's beaded bauble--made with free-form peyote
At Beading Arts, Cyndi Lavin prepared two great step-by-step photo essays way back in 2009. One is for a beautiful freeform peyote bead, pictured at left, and the other is for a beaded flower (which is really more of a beaded focal than a beaded bead, I guess. Still, I think they'd look great strung together for a statement necklace.)

I've seen lots of tutes showing how to cover wooden beads uniformly with peyote or brick stitch, but I've never seen Cyndi's crazy-quilt look before. I love it!

Next are Diane Fitzgerald's lovely Fortune Teller beads. The link takes you to a downloadable PDF from Lark Crafts. These beads are from her book Diane Fitzgerald's Favorite Beading Projects. I know it's partly a trick of using a light table, but I love how the glass beads shine through the netting.

I have a few more beaded beads on my Pinterest board Beading Inspirations (but note that not everything pinned there links to a tute.)

One of four beaded bead projects
 from Jewelry Making Daily
Last, Jewelry Making Daily has a free eBook devoted to beaded beads.  (You'll need to create an account--it's free--to download it.) I've actually made the beads pictured at right, which kinda violates the spirit of I Might Make That! Monday, but I'm including it here because I want to make other beads in the eBook. This pic just happened to be the easiest one to grab.

And I'm including the book below because it's on my wish list.

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And stayed tuned for another post tomorrow--the second installment of my bead room makeover series!

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