Monday, March 19, 2012

Novel nail polish for I Might Make That! Monday

Hi everyone, my ergonomic mouse appears to have blown a gasket today and I can't type much using the laptop one, so this will be a short post.

Here's something I pinned recently on Pinterest. It's  more a tip than a tute, but Tamara Summers shares how she uses nail polish to add a patina to metal beads. Now I've seen plenty of hints about using nail polish to give metalwork an enameled-looking finish, but hers is the first I've seen to demonstrate the effect of applying the nail polish, then wiping it off, to give a soft, translucent, watery effect. This tip is featured in Rena Klingenberg's latest newsletter, which I have praised before.

And a shout-out to Kathy of KJ's Beadacious Beads for mentioning this Monday feature on her blog recently. Thanks so much, Kathy, and I do so appreciate your regular comments here!

I know I am woefully behind in posting pics of my progress on my bead room makeover--I have made progress--in fact, I've made so much progress that I cleaned up the room then trashed it again!--but that will take some time to write the post, and my weekends have been eaten up with grad school work and other non-beading tasks.

I'm also participating in an Artfire Beadweavers Guild bead swap, and I need to post pictures of the lovely beads I got more than a week ago from Barbara Judy. Please check out her amazing beadwork at her blog and Artfire store, Beads of Spirit. And thanks, KraftyMax, for organizing this fun swap.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out.

    One of my favorite nail polish tips is to use it on the wooden beads used as the base for beaded beads to give them a color consistent with the beads.

  2. This is another thing I wouldn't ever think of but I just love the look of those beads. Thanks for the tips!


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