Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oh yes and I bead, too

Its been months since I posted pics of anything I created. Truth is, with work and school demands and my beading space still in "mid-transformation" (that's my euphemism for the chaos), I haven't had much time to make jewelry.

I may get started on my Artfire bead swap project this evening--maybe while watching the NCAA finals. (That probably makes me sound like more of a hoops fan than I really am, but my bracket is still in the running in my office's pool. I won last year and bought my crafts show tent with the winnings!)

Anyway, I did make this necklace and earring set and donated it to the silent auction at the Interfaith Family Project's Purim festival in early March.

Last year, in addition to donating something to the auction, I also had a little table set up to sell things and did quite well. But I wasn't up to it this year--I haven't had the chance to beef up my inventory since I sold almost every major piece I had at my office's Christmas crafts show (nice problem to have, right?)

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