Monday, March 5, 2012

Drilled beach stones for I Might Make That! Monday

Rock Collection Necklace Bittersweet Greys
by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts
One of the reasons I got into beading and jewelry making is that I thought you didn't need a lot of fancy equipment. Some chain-nose and round-nose pliers, some wire cutters, lots of small-eyed needles and endless yards of Fireline and you're set, right?


Rotary tool image from Jenny Hoople
of Authentic Arts
Now I find myself coveting power tools.

I can't remember where I found these lovely drilled stones--Pinterest most likely--but Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts has a how-to on using a Dremel tool to drill holes in stones. I know these gizmos are handy for all kinds of tasks--not just drilling holes in metal and stones but for filing and polishing too.

It'll be a while before I get one, but I'm happy to pass along the tute.

(And yes, I'm a little behind in updating my IMMT! Archives page with the past couple of weeks' entries, but the link to it is in the top right corner of the blog.)


  1. I am coveting a Dremel, too. Have been for a long time and congratulate myself for the restraint. Really, I don't know how much I'd use it and don't dare buy one and let it sit! But this is a cool tutorial and I just love the rocks she shows (the variety of colors is great). Thanks. And let us know if you succumb to the temptation and buy one!

  2. Despite years of consideration, I have not bought one, though they aren't really that expensive. My problem is the dust they create and how to contain it. Not a problem for drilling in water, but for sanding definitely. You have put it back on my front burner, however and the tip on drill bits she passes on is great!

  3. I have a Dremel and it just doesn't strike me as being heavy enough to drill a hole in stone. Shows you what I know!

  4. Hi Geneva :D. Thanks so much for sharing my tutorial! What a nice surprise!!

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  7. Jenny, glad you saw it. It looks like your comment showed up three times though, so I deleted the extraneous ones. But I don't want others to think I censored you!


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