Monday, July 16, 2012

Binging on fringe for I Might Make That! Monday

Fringe bracelet tutorial at
via Artfire Beadweavers Guild

These three projects are a little different from some of my other I Might Make That! Monday entries because I actually have used some of the fringing techniques illustrated here before. They were just minor trim elements, however. I've never made a whole bracelet or necklace entirely from coral or loop fringe, as depicted in these projects here, and I think all three are cute designs.

First, the inspiration. The Artfire Beadweavers Guild, of which I am a member, made beaded fringe the topic of its July challenge. The Artfire post links to a tutorial on Whimbeads that shows how to incorporate several different fringe techniques in a single bracelet.

Fusion Beads' Reef It to Me necklace
Coincidentally, a day or so after I saw the above challenge and decided to feature the bracelet in my next IMMT!M post, Fusion Beads came out with a series of fringe tutorials in its e-newsletter.

Click here for instructions to do coral fringe, which is used to make the necklace at right. ("Coral fringe" is just another name for what the Whimbeads tutorial calls "branch fringe.")

A few days later, Fusion Beads followed the coral fringe feature with one on looped fringe, which is even easier.

That technique is used to make the bracelet below. A nice feature of the Fusion Bead beading instructions is that they are also offered as PDFs for easy printing.

Fusion Beads' Champagne Taste bracelet

Lookie, I created a widget!

For those of you new to my I Might Make That! Monday feature, I noted in last week's installment that my archive of past entries had gotten messed up and I needed to rebuild the page. I was able to design my first-ever widget, which has replaced the text button in the top-right corner of the blog, for accessing the archive.

However, at this point I've only had time to restore a few months' worth of the projects. I'll try to complete the archives by next week. (But I'm very pleased with myself to have designed my own widget, simple as it is.)

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