Monday, July 9, 2012

Graceful wirework tree and more for I Might Make That! Monday

First, the abbreviated version of why I missed posting last Monday:
1. Power failure from massive storm that makes national headlines thwarts plans to write post in advance before leaving on vacation.
2. Hotel in vacationland woefully misrepresents its WiFi accessibility. Plans to use the week to catch up on blogging and answering email are abandoned.

I am now back at home, having spent yesterday evening emptying my refrigerator of the rotten food caused by a three-day outage (others had it far worse, so I'm not complaining.) As I type this Sunday evening, another massive storm is heading our way, so for all I know, I will be without power again before the night is over. When I went to the grocery for fresh provisions this morning, I only bought enough for a day or two; the grand restocking will wait until later in the week.

But back to our original programming.

I spotted the above lovely wirework tutorial on Pinterest recently. The hyperlink will take you to the Google translation of a Russian site. As always, the translation is a little hinky, but there are terrific photos to guide you. I especially like how the artist shows its origin as a sketch, which I never think to do. I wish I could tell you the name of the artist--if someone speaks Russian and can decipher for me, please include it in the comments!

And because I missed last week, here's a bonus feature. This link has a lot of great info about using alcohol inks on jewelry. (Scroll down to the bottom for the info about how this ring was transformed.)

Although the link above is for a specific brand of alcohol ink, here's a link for how to make your own.
(Pinterest has loads of other DIYs.) I'm interested in playing with alcohol inks and patinas because I think they can make ordinary gold- and silver-plated findings more interesting.

A housekeeping note: I recently discovered that the archive of I Might Make That! Monday features (the button in the top right corner of my blog) is currently not functioning. I'll have to rebuild the page. My apologies. I'll try to have that rectified before the next entry.


  1. Glad you're back and safe -- I sure hope you don't get another storm. Our friends in Arlington were w/o power for a week. Fortunately they have another house down on the Potomac (near Fredericksburg) and they had power there. We had the same thing after Hurricane Ike. No power for 10 days. UGH!
    I love the that wireworked piece. I can't imagine ever doing it though! Your bead soup looks great. I have to take a photo of mine before I can post anything about it. Can't wait to see what you make!

  2. Good luck on your restocking.

    That tree is lovely. I like the simple bold lines.


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