Monday, July 30, 2012

Triangle Star for I Might Make That! Monday

Triangle Star from Eva
Maria Keiser designs

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I recently stumbled upon the amazing blog of Eva Maria Keiser Designs. She has hundreds of followers already, so some of you may already be familiar with her site. I wish I could remember how I got there so I could credit the person who led me to her.

Seeing the beaded chess pieces featured on her home page banner will make you gasp, but even more impressive are the resources you'll discover once you start digging. If you click the link on the banner underneath that says "Complimentary e-Patterns," you'll be taken to a page that has links to instructions for all kinds of beaded wonders, like the Triangle Star shown at left (Sorry for the crappy photo, but it is a screen grab from the PDF.)

Lookie here for a sample:

Some tutorials available at Eva Maria Keiser Designs

Clicking on the "more tutorials" link reveals even more riches. If Eva Maria Keiser is new to you, I'll just go ahead and say "you're welcome" now, because I know you'll be thanking me.

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  1. Oh I love her patterns and her vessels are simply amazing.

  2. Greetings Geneva,
    Thank you so much for sharing my blog site and the write up. May you have a wonderful day :)
    -Eva Maria

  3. Oh, yes! She has a bunch of fabulous tutorials. I love her work. I'm also waiting with excitement for the new book by Kate McKinnon and Jean Power called Contemporary Geometric Beadwork. They have a FB page by the same name and you can see some of the stuff they're doing. I love this!

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