Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bezels ... check!

Check mark book shelf by Jongho Park

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One of the earliest projects to be featured in I Might Make That! Monday was peyote stitch bezeling.

It's such a staple, and didn't look hard, but I had just simply never tried it. I'm happy to say that now I have, and this marks the first time I've actually completed a project from the IMMT!M list!

The project I featured, Mortira of Inspirational Beading's beaded rivoli, helped me tackle a round cabochon. I didn't even bother measuring the diameter of the cab, I just kept stringing some size 11/o's on the needle until they made a circle slightly smaller than the cab. I did make one false start before trying again with more beads. I made three rounds of 11/o's in matte root beer, one round of slightly smaller Delica 11/o's in mustard, then three rounds of 15/o's in gold. (Note that this doesn't actually mirror the progression Mortira used, but I view most directions as general guidelines, not biblical scripture. )

Parden the crappy photo; you'll see the project is still on the needle.

(Can't tell you yet what I'm going to do with this--you'll have to stay tuned!


  1. Good for you. Bezeled stones are such a staple and useful in all sorts of projects.

    By the way is that bezzeled? Either way I spell it it shows as a spelling error. Of course I always want to double the l also. Bezzeled is not listed in the dictionary.

  2. How great to see this. I've been trying to get up to doing that because I haven't a clue! I'm glad Morti's tutorial helped. I've used her tutes for other things and they're always good. I'll have to give it a try! Can't wait to see what you're going to make.

  3. So, my first attempt gave me a bezel that moves around a little too loosely, does this mean I should try again starting just smaller than the cab? I am using a swarovski rivoli for my cab.

    1. Oh gosh, you're asking me like I know what I'm doing--this was my first try! Do check out Mortira's bezel tute at the link above; it may help you more than anything I tell you. But I'll explain as best as I can: I started with a circle of 11/os slightly smaller than my cab's diameter. When I added the next two rounds of beads, that made a splayed circle that was larger than my cab. I nestled the stone in the center, then stitched rounds in smaller-sized beads (11/o Delicas, which were smaller than the first 11/os, then 15/o's). That caused the bezel to shrink down snug over the cab.


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