Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Need a Laugh Wednesday: Coffee Humor

This installment of Need a Laugh Wednesday is as revealing about me as my grammar humor one was--people who know me well know that I am a coffee fiend.

Hey, I had a French press coffee maker way back in 1982 and was drinking cappuccino in the days where the only places you could buy the stuff outside Europe were a handful of coffeehouses in Greenwich Village. A pinboard devoted to coffee was one of my earliest Pinterest projects.

I have to confess that I used to drink quadruple shots of espresso.

Source: via Geneva on Pinterest

The one below is not humor, but it's so magnificent I have to share--it's a portrait made of coffee rings.

And look--since this is a jewelry blog, I'll finish up with a different kind of coffee ring. How cool is this?

P.S. some of you may have missed my last Need a Laugh installment, featuring Tina Fey--I published it last Wednesday but with the wrong date, so it showed up among the July posts. I've corrected it. 


  1. Love the coffee ring portrait--a new genre? How about a crumb landscape next time? I am sure there are stir stick sculptures somewhere . . .

    1. Patti, thanks for sharing your stir stick sculpture link!

  2. So here we are again! We must be sisters raised apart or something. Pre-Starbucks (and post- for that matter), my drink of choice was always a quad espresso. HA! Some of those guys in the pre-*$s coffee shops looked at me like I had rocks in my head. But they always remembered my drink when I came in for it the next time! Sadly, that place and others like it have gone and you-know-who has taken its place. But I love *$s coffee and know a lot of people who don't.
    I LOVE that ring and want it now! HA!


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