Monday, August 20, 2012

Slipping under the wire with fun wire projects for I Might Make That! Monday

Pinwheel ring by Dale Cougar Armstrong,
pattern courtesy of
The best-laid plans of mice and bloggers... I had planned to write my Monday blog post last night but fell asleep watching TV about two hours earlier than I normally go to bed, which I guess was my body's way of telling me I seriously needed some shut-eye.

But hey, there's still a few hours left in Monday, so I'll sneak in under the wire. I recently discovered the site, which  sells jewelry-making supplies but also offers lots of wire and jewelry-making tips and videos (some are free, some are not.)

If you sign up for the free e-newsletter (scroll down to the bottom of the home page), you'll get access to exclusive patterns that are not among the free offerings. This lovely swirly ring above, by Dale Cougar Armstrong, was the pattern I got. I just love her pieces--I have her book Wirework--which is way above my ability, but this ring is described as beginner-level.

Do check out It's nice to support sites that make the effort to include educational content along with the merchandise.


  1. I admire wire work. One of these days I might just have to try more than a wrapped loop and simple S clasp.

  2. That book is SO awesome! I have gone through it twice without any courage to try any of the projects :(


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