Monday, August 13, 2012

Gold Burst for I Might Make That! Monday

Margie Deeb's Gold Burst
in several colorways
I know I have gained several new followers in the past week or so since my book giveaway (congrats, again A Polymer Penchant!), so I want to welcome all newcomers and re-introduce this feature.

Each week I highlight a new tutorial or technique for I Might Make That! Monday. The only criterion for selection is that it must be something I haven't tried and would want to learn or aspire to.

I recently stumbled on Margie Deeb's website, thanks to a mention in one of the Beading Daily blogs. That feature talked about her color work and her color wheel--topics I'm very much interested in, so I went to her site to learn more.

I discovered a wealth of beadwork patterns--many of them free--using peyote, brick, square stitch or a loom. Gold Burst, shown above, is my favorite of the freebies. It can be done on a loom or in square stitch. Hmm. Maybe this will be my introduction to square stitch.

If you're new to Margie Deeb, or to her site, I urge you to click around and explore. There are preview PDFs from her book The Beader's Color Palette, a gallery of her lovely work, and so much more. I signed up for her e-newsletter.

[An archive of past I Might Make That! Monday selections can be accessed by the widget in the top right corner of this blog.] 

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  1. I love Margie Deeb. I will read anything about picking colors. Although I still end up just putting one color next to another until I find something that I like.


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